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Russian dental implant

made of NanoTi® material

Дентальный имплантат Synthes Pro из нанотитана премиум-класса. Российский имплантат из нанотитана премиум-класса

made of NanoTi


NitroEX surface Dental Synthesis

with surface

Description Synthes Pro implant
Russian dental implant Synthes Pro
NanoTi is advanced Grade4 of 1300 MPa breaking strength
NitroEX surface
Surface NitroEX logotype
New NitroEX surface - composite acid treatment
For stress reduction and bone tissue preservation
Aligned smooth transition
Between cortical area and trabecular area of implant
Cortical bone microthreading
11 degrees cone
Is compatible with a variety of implantation systems
A narrowed apex
To split the bone tissue, for implantation simultaneously with tooth removal
The root-form implant design
New Russian surface NitroEX Dental Synthesis
Поверхность NitroEX комбинированное кислотное травление
Description NitroEX with SP
Video presentation of Synthes Pro
Synthes Pro - Russian dental implant made of NanoTi® material

Size range

3.5 mm х 8 mm
3.5 mm х 10 mm
3.5 mm х 12 mm
diameter x length
4.0 mm х 7 mm
4.0 mm х 8 mm
4.0 mm х 10 mm
4.0 mm х 12 mm
diameter x length
4.5 mm х 7 mm
4.5 mm х 8 mm
4.5 mm х 10 mm
4.5 mm х 12 mm
diameter x length
5.0 mm х 7 mm
5.0 mm х 8 mm
5.0 mm х 10 mm
5.0 mm х 12 mm
diameter x length
5.5 mm х 7 mm
5.5 mm х 8 mm
5.5 mm х 10 mm
5.5 mm х 12 mm
diameter x length

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